Petite League

'No Hitter' NATIVE-RE 004


Upon arriving in Syracuse after growing up in Brussels, Belgium as an American expat, Lorenzo Gillis Cook was introduced to the fast paced, lo-fi sound of the American house show scene. Though he had been making music for years under the name Spark Alaska and a multitude of high school bands, the franticness and earnest expression being put on display in these upstate basements and attics was infectious.

In late 2014, Cook brought the first Petite League demo of friend and drummer Henry Schoonmaker, and the rest is history. Since then, the two have recorded three albums (Slugger, No Hitter, and Rips One Into the Night), garnered press from Pitchfork, the Fader, Noisey, etc., co-founded the notable Syracuse DIY venue Scarier Dome, and now reside in Ridgewood, Queens post-graduation.

This bring us to present day, and our reissue of Petite League's seminal album, 'No Hitter'. On June 1st, the album will see it's first ever pressing on half milky clear/ half peach, and red vinyl. The package also includes a beautiful 12" x 24" folded insert, and a download card.

"LP Bundle" includes Petite League's latest album 'Rips One Into the Night' on vinyl.


  1. Annie
  2. Zookeeper
  3. No Hitter
  4. Tylenol
  5. Raspberry Seeds
  6. The Voicemail
  7. Down That Road
  8. French New York
  9. Hiccups
  10. I Met You Before
  11. Guetta
Pressing Information

150 – Half Milky Clear, Half Peach
350 – Red