Divino Niño

Based in Chicago with roots in Latin America, Divino Niño is a band known for their dreamy, psych-inspired pop. On their sophomore LP The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes, the Chicago band experiments with washed out reverb, dynamic vocal ranges, and lush soundscapes to create a truly unique 16 track album.

Following their debut LP Pool Jealousy, The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes is much more relaxed effort. The band recorded it at home, and although most songs hover around two and a half minutes, they’re far from underdeveloped. Filled with rich harmonies and liberal use of eclectic percussion, the songs on this record reflect the band’s most confident and inspired to date.

Notable press:
Noisey “… a band known for slinky garage-psych with hella pop harmonies and liberal use of percussion. They sound a bit like the band that plays at The Roadhouse in Twin Peaks, or Mac Demarco if Mac Demarco was somehow a thousand times more chill than he already is.”

USA Today "The song is funky and wild, with a low-slung approach and 60s pop harmonies that bring to mind Mac DeMarco and, at moments, the Beach Boys. At just under two minutes long, it demands a quick hit of the replay button.”

Bullett “Divino Niño has built a sound as bright as their Latin roots and as laid-back as their midwestern home base. Their sophomore LP The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes is a reflection of this energy, with an impressive 16 total tracks each tinged with a relaxed, sun-faded feel—perfect for slowing drifting down a lazy river while slipping into their lush, washed-out soundscapes.”