Plastic Flowers

Plastic Flowers is George Samaras, a dream pop musician based in London, UK. His music traverses the wider spectre of pop, with heavy influences from genres such as Shoegaze and Vaporwave. He has released two full length albums, 'Evergreen' and 'Heavenly'. After graduating from high school he worked closely alongside other musicians and while at college he formed Plastic Flowers and released a number of bedroom pop-influenced EP’s and singles that have been praised for their lo-fi aesthetics.

Striving over total creative control and experimentation, Plastic Flowers introduces himself through his latest record “Heavenly”. It’s a multilayered album and the songs are structured around laid-back vocal melodies complimented by lush synthesised soundscapes of an imaginary late 80’s dream pop soundtrack. The rhythmic driving power behind the album though, lies in the counterpoint between an elaborate mixture of pumping acoustic and electronic beats with syncopating guitars.

Plastic Flowers has toured Europe and USA extensively in the past three years and shared the stage with a number of popular artists, including Bonobo, Paul Kalkbrenner, A.R.Kane, Still Corners and many others.