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Welcome to The Native Sound!

Posted on July 22nd, 2013

First things first, thank you for taking the time to visit this page. Here's a bit of info on this little record label I'm building:

Put simply, the Native Sound is an archival record label devoted to preserving, promoting and producing high-quality physical pressings of albums and unreleased recordings never committed to the format, or long out of print. Built off my love for vinyl, and physical music formats as a whole, the Native Sound is a way for me to bring the songs and the records that I love, to the formats I've always wished to experience them in. 

If you're like me โ€“ and I'm sure you must be, considering you've found yourself in this little corner of the internet โ€“ I think you'll enjoy the direction I take this label in. For now, stay tuned for news on the Native Sound's first release on July 30th.

โ€“ Julio Anta