'Keeping Count' NATIVE-PP 002


For nearly ten years, Koji has been a stalwart in the DIY scene. Throughout all these years, if one thing is true about Koji, it’s that he’s stayed true – to his DIY roots, ethics, and most of all, convictions.

Fast forward to today’s political climate, where the Republican Presidential candidates are fighting tooth and nail to outdo each other in making the most controversial and headline-grabbing statement no matter who they may offend. And through the fog of racism and xenophobia, Koji is still here as he ever was. On his new single “Keeping Count”, Koji takes aim at the most boisterous and egotistical of candidates, Donald Trump. A protest song in the tradition of Pete Seeger, “Keeping Count” is in Koji’s own words, “a pop meditation on empathy and compassion, about a figure like Trump questioning his reality, one built on status, material, money, and leverage.”

“Keeping Count” also marks the second entry in our Private Press series. Pressed on made-to-order hand-numbered square 7” lathes, “Keeping Count” will be on sale for a one week period. At the end of that week we will press the exact amount ordered, and that’s it. No repressing ever. This is your only chance to ever own this 7”, so if you want it, order by February 15th. All orders should ship about three weeks later.

All orders include a digital download of the release delivered to your inbox immediately.