Funeral Advantage

'Please Help Me' EP NATIVE 034


Funeral Advantage Starter Pack:
- Funeral Advantage – Please Help Me (12")
- Funeral Advantage – Body Is Dead (12")
- Funeral Advantage – Not In My House / That's That (Flexi)

Funeral Advantage have been mostly hermetic since the release of 'Body Is Dead', the band’s 2015 debut album. With the exception of some sporadic touring through the US and Canada, Tyler Kershaw (Funeral Advantage’s sole member) has kept to himself, writing and recording what would be the next chapter of Funeral Advantage – a new EP entitled ‘Please Help Me’.

If 'Body Is Dead' came from a place of hope, 'Please Help Me' comes from a place of desolation and confusion. Written during the disintegration of a long term relationship, the record works through the existential feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness that followed.

While the lyrical content is much darker on this release, musically ’Please Help Me’ picks up where ‘Body Is Dead’ left off – irresistibly bright, and melodic dream-pop. ‘Please Help Me’ will be released on February 24th on limited edition vinyl and cassette tape, as well as digitally.

We're excited to be working with Disposable America on the cassette release of 'Please Help Me'. We have a few copies available for pre-order.


  1. Please Help Me
  2. CEOT7K
  3. The Hanging Cage
  4. Shining
  5. We Lost Our Home
  6. Lakewood Mausoleum
Pressing Information

200 – Red in Milky Clear
300 – Black