No Sun

'Nazi Punks Fuck Off' NATIVE 036


Since their formation just a couple of years ago, Salt Lake City’s No Sun have been quietly crafting loud, confident, and modern shoegaze. Originally a solo project for singer/ guitarist Jordon Strang to experiment with, No Sun has since grown into a nuanced and voluminous four piece.

In the tradition of Swervedriver and Failure, and contemporaries like Nothing and Pity Sex, No Sun’s recently released, debut album ‘If Only’ swells with walls of reverb and texture. It’s shoegaze for those who can appreciate the loudest and dreamiest aspects of the genre. Lyrically, the album leans mostly toward introspection and existential doubt, and Jordon's coping with depression, anxiety, and love.

Just a few weeks since the release of 'If Only', No Sun are releasing a cover of the classic Dead Kennedys song, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off". Guitarist/ vocalist Jordon Strang says, "America has shown its very disgusting underbelly over the past few months, and I'm sure it will only get worse. Going to shows, and thel DIY community in general should be a place where everyone else feels safe, except for those that live to make others feel unsafe for something as simple as the color of their skin, their gender identity, or their sexual orientation. We covered this song to let everyone know that we think that Nazism and bigotry is not welcome and will not be tolerated within our fanbase or at any of our shows.”


  1. Nazi Punks Fuck Off