Tea Leigh & Luke Reed

'Underwater' NATIVE 039

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Back in 2012 when MP3 blogs dominated the music discovery landscape, Tea Leigh and Luke Reed pumped out a series of beautifully lush dream-pop singles. The songs were extremely popular on the internet and widely shared on Soundcloud and YouTube. Eventually, they stopped releasing music and went about in separate directions.

Tea became a sought after tattoo artist, who now owns Welcome Home, an all female tattoo shop in Brooklyn, and Luke spent years playing in the now defunct Bent Shapes, and Joy Void’s latest signing, Mini Dresses. He also of course released a solo record earlier this year, with plans for another in 2018.

Now, after many dormant years, Tea Leigh and Luke Reed are back with a new single, “Underwater.” It’s a sleepy affair, and one continues right where they left off years ago.