'Some Small Way' EP NATIVE-RE 001

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Before Crooked In My Mind, and splits with Into It. Over It. and La Dispute, there was Some Small Way – Koji’s first recorded material with a backing band, and a stand-out release in his still growing catalog. This EP, initially released on CD by Boston’s Run For Cover Records followed a pair of self-released acoustic 7”s, CD-Rs, and a live disc, and found Koji embracing the upbeat indie-rock of Superchunk and Ted Leo over the quiet acoustics of his past releases.

Over the course of Some Small Way’s five tracks, Koji's penchant for dynamic song-writing and engrossing lyrical content was fully realized with the help of long-time collaborators Chris Sigda, Jim Tomlinson, Dave Goletz, Willie Rose, and on the final song, Into It. Over It.’s Evan Weiss.

This reissue of Koji’s Some Small Way marks the first time the EP will be available on vinyl, and The Native Sound's first entry in an ongoing reissue series. Some Small Way will be released on July 15th, over three limited edition variants of 180 Gram single-sided 12” vinyl (ultra clear, translucent blue, and classic black) with an uncoated reverse board jacket, black poly-lined inner sleeve, and 3 MIL poly bag.

All purchases include an instant digital download of the release, along with two live acoustic bonus tracks.


  1. Eating Lemons
  2. Waking Up
  3. Stay
  4. Windows (Live)
  5. Color Quiet Loud
  6. Like We Do (Live, Reissue Bonus Track)
  7. Eating Lemons (Live, Reissue Bonus Track)
Pressing Information

Test Press – 20

Black (180 Gram) – 100
Ultra Clear (180 Gram) – 150
Translucent Blue (180 Gram) – 250