Lost FIlm

'Silver Keys' NATIVE-PP 003


Starter Pack:
- Lost Film – Demo (Download)
- Lost Film – Imago (Cassette Tape)
- Lost Film – Temporary EP (Download)
- Lost Film – Silver Keys (Lathe)

Coming off the heels of January’s four-song Temporary EP, Jimmy Hewitt (Lost Film's sole permanent member) is joined by his touring band for this one-off single. Recorded over three hours at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in Jimmy's hometown of Boston, the song reflects on the nostalgia of seldom returning home.

“Silver Keys” exists at the intersection of last summer’s Imago LP, and the most recent Temporary EP. While not as bombastic as the former, or nuanced as the latter, “Silver Keys” is melodic in the subdued tradition of Yo La Tengo or even Death Cab for Cutie. It continues to build on the on-going growth of the band since Jimmy released his first demo under the moniker in 2014.

“Silver Keys” also marks the third entry in our Private Press series. Pressed on made-to-order hand-numbered square 7” lathes, “Silver Keys” will be on sale for a one week period. At the end of that week we will press the exact amount ordered, and that’s it. No repressing ever. This is your only chance to ever own this 7”, so if you want it, order by March 28th. All orders should ship about three weeks later.


  1. Silver Keys