Dear Tracks

'Aligning With The Sun' NATIVE-PP 007


Mixing jangly guitars, dreamy synths and drowned out vocals, Dear Tracks are the Grand Rapids, MI dream-pop band of Matt Messore, and Victoria Ovenden. In the vein of dream-pop favorites such as Beach Fossils, Diiv, and Real Estate, Dear Tracks blend sunny and upbeat instrumentals with catchy melodies and washed out reverb. ‘Aligning With The Sun’ follows their ‘Soft Dreams’ EP released earlier this year on Track & Field and Furious Hooves Records. The single reflects the shimmery and synth-based direction the band is going on their forthcoming debut album and builds on the groundwork laid out by their past releases.

“Aligning With The Sun” marks the seventh entry in our Private Press series. Pressed on made-to-order hand-numbered square 7” lathes, “Aligning With The Sun” will be on sale for a one week period. At the end of that week we will press the exact amount ordered, and that’s it. No repressing ever. This is your only chance to ever own this 7”, so if you want it, order by August 28th. All orders should ship two to three weeks later.


  1. Aligning With The Sun