'Psychic Quarry' EP NATIVE 035


Sheer Starter Pack:
- Sheer – Psychic Quarry EP (12")
- Sheer – Uneasy (Cassette Tape)

A year and a half since the release of their debut album, and two member changes later, Sheer are back.

With their new EP Psychic Quarry, Sheer embrace a change that finds the band at their most relaxed and inspired. While their debut LP Uneasy introduced the band as one with a kinship for dreamy, reverb-induced soundscapes, Psychic Quarry is a much more catchy, and indie rock-informed affair.

The six songs on Psychic Quarry cover a lot of ground – feelings of anxiety and depression, the vulnerability of intimacy, and even the post-election shock many of found ourselves coping with.

Psychic Quarry will be released April 28th on vinyl, as well as digitally.


  1. Room
  2. Enfold Me
  3. To Love and Feel Alive
  4. Shut It Off
  5. Euphony
  6. Stutter
Pressing Information

100 – Black in Coke Bottle Clear
200 – Milky Clear