Lost Film

'Imago' NATIVE 017


Lost Film Starter Pack:
- Lost Film – Demo (Digital Download)
- Lost Film – Imago (Cassette Tape)

Lost Film is the minimalist guitar pop project of Jimmy Hewitt based in Northampton, MA. Having formerly gone by the moniker of Orca Orca, Jimmy's output of electronic-based pop was prolific. Now he's back with Imago – an incredible collection of 10 songs recorded over a weekend in Boston, and incidentally, after 10+ years of song-writing and recording under countless monikers, it's Jimmy's first ever full-length release. Unlike his past material Imago was recorded with the help of a live band, allowing Jimmy to reintroduce Lost Film as a pure, indie rock project redolent to Death Cab for Cutie, Rilo Kiley and even Yo La Tengo. Imago will be released on August 21st digitally, and on limited edition Golden Yellow cassette tapes.

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  1. Dissipate
  2. Somethings Missing
  3. Try
  4. OK, Lost
  5. I Taught You
  6. Houses
  7. (A)part
  8. 100 Nights
  9. Try (Reprise)
  10. Our Town
Pressing Information

Golden Yellow – 100