'Crooked In My Mind' DISTRO

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Andrew Koji Shiraki is an American artist and activist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Koji's debut LP Crooked In My Mind delivers on the promise set forth on several past EPs, splits and in his inspiring live performances. His concerts feature a combination of music, storytelling, media and visual art, all aimed at empowering youth to create positive, lasting change and build community. The songs put forward on Koji's striking debut are his most soulful and tuneful yet - his voice brittle and bold all at the same time, tapping into the same poignancy Elliott Smith conjured at his best. Twanging acoustic guitar chimes with powerfully rhythmic drums and delicate, singing strings in a downright mesmerizing and moving way. Emotionally charged, delicate, full, folky and punk, Crooked In My Mind sounds unlike any contemporary artist and unlike any record that will come out this year.



Track List:
1. Chasing A Ghost
2. The Near And Far
3. Spinning Silent
4. Distance/Divide
5. Fragile Times
6. Creeping
7. In The Line
8. Pang And Flash
9. What You Leave Behind