Unconditional Arms

'Kinship' DISTRO


Unconditional Arms Starter Pack
- Unconditional Arms – Kinship (12")
- Unconditional Arms – Virtue Circle (7")
- Unconditional Arms/ Threading – Split (7")

"Kinship" is an album that I have made as a gift to my newbown son, Owen. Everything on the album is a direct representation of some the fears, joys and miracles that come with creating another human through my own unique perspective. As he grows older, I'm sure there will be plenty more new areas of morality and humanity for me to explore and transpose - but for now, I just want to give him an everlasting gift as a welcome into this world from the bottom of my heart, utilizing what I know best. Music.



Track Listing:

1. The Family Tree
2. Television On The Weekends
3. First Look
4. Transition and Finality
5. Conscious Whirr
6. Rest